Friday, June 22, 2012

Lamb Kibbeh

There are many variations of Kibbeh from Iraq, Egypt, Palestine to Iran. But the most common feature is a type of rice or wheat processed into a dough, with a mince meat, usually lamb or beef for the filling. It can be eaten as a starter, main, or a snack in the middle of the night!

Two Cups Bulgar Wheat
Four Cups Water (Give or Take)
Handful of Sultanas
Handful of Parsley
One Onion
Cumin Tumeric
Kibbeh Spice
300g Lamb Mince Meat

 Firstly, measure out two cups of Bulgar wheat and add four cups of warm water, add the Kibba Spice (or replace with mixed spice or seven spices)
 Cover with cling film and leave for 30mins. Place into a food processor until has formed into a maluable dough like texture.
For the filling add the lamb to a medium sized pan, cook until brown, add the chopped onions, sultanas and add the parsley at the very last moment.
Add the Cumin, Tumeric and Ki bbeh Spice. 
The Kibbeh Spice is not a necessity, you can replace it with 'mixed spice/7 spices'.

Now you are ready to make the Kibbeh!
Have some warm water to dampen your hands with on the side.

Starting with a small egg sized ball of the wheat and flatten between your hands as shown below.

Add a small amount of the filling into the centre and roll into a oblong, or a ball shape.
Heat up a deep pan of oil, roughly coming up to half of the size of the Kibbe!
Fry until golden brown.
Keep a plate with Kitchen Roll to drain off the oil.

Serve with Salad and mint and cucumber yoghurt

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