Monday, June 18, 2012

Apricot UpSideDown Ring Cake

One and a half cups of plain flour
 Pinch of baking powder
 One cup sugar
 One cup butter
 Dash of vanilla
 Two tablespoons of dissolved instant coffee 
2 eggs
 Handful of apricots (halved) 
Honey or golden syrup

To start, Mix the Sugar and Butter until nice and fluffy.
Add the 2 eggs and continue to whisk!

 Mix some instant coffee with two tablespoons of water, or however strong you want the coffee flavour to be.
I used the amount in the picture below, enough to give it flavour, but not so much that the coffee overtakes!

Then add the vanilla, coffee, flour and baking powder and slowly mix together.

Put aside.
Using greaseproof paper, cut out the shape of the bottom of the tin that you are using, here I am using a ring shaped cake tin. Place at the bottom and generously put honey or golden syrup over the bottom.

Then line the halved apricots along the tin
Spread over the cake mix

Place into a pre-heated oven for 30-35mins at 175.

Have some tea while you wait,

Leave to cool, decorate with fresh apricots and icing sugar


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